Trey Perry,

Litigation Consultant & Veteran's Advocate


How I help with your Success

Consultant and Advocate

If you are a service member, veteran, or concerned friend or family member,

please contact me to discuss the kind of representation you need.  I have a great referral base of attorneys and Veterans' Services Organizations with tremendous experience and success in VA claims and military justice.  I can help you find the counsel that is just right for you.

If you are an attorney looking for assistance with a VA or UCMJ case,

please contact me to discuss my skills and credentials.

To attorneys, I offer:

  1. virtual and on-site assistance with complex, high profile military defense litigation in general courts-martial, boards of inquiry, courts of inquiry, military commissions, military criminal appeals, and federal appeals.
  2. virtual and on-site assistance with VA claims including IDES claims, Benefits Delivery at Discharge, Quick Start, post-service VA claims, Formal Board Hearings, and BCNR appeals.