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Meet Trey Perry, SSgt, USMC, Retired, Disabled Veteran


Working with senior judge advocates and experienced civilian attorneys for over ten years, Trey has built a reputation for dependable service, advanced thinking, and  consistent results.  His military and legal experience now coupled with firsthand experience with the VA claims process, makes Trey a unique and indispensable resource in VA claims or military criminal litigation.

My Client Strategy

I help achieve high success through proven tactical and strategic methods. 

Beyond The Box

Your toughest issues deserve innovative solutions.

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Forward Thinking

Personal experience and award-winning performance equal unparalleled insight.

Ideas that Work

I provide practical and proven solutions.

YOu have a concern. i have a strategy.

Trey Perry,

Litigation Consultant & Veteran's Advocate

For those who served,

Thank you

and God bless you for your service.